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Are you clear for the rules when you enjoy your utility vehi
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 golf cart must be permitted to driving on the road. A permit allows a licensed driver to operate a golf cart during daylight hours only and only on a secondary highway or street with a posted speed limit.

The operator must have the permit and registration on their person.Golf cart is different from a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV). An LSV must have a license plate and may operate after dark. Golf cart is restricted to daylight hours and is permitted.

Do not exceed the number of occupants for which the golf cart was designed.

Do not carry children or animals on your lap while driving the golf cart.

Follow the same traffic laws that you would follow when driving a motor vehicle.

Pls noted that golf cart occupants are extremely at risk when traveling in traffic all the time. A golf cart offers no protection from collision. Remain alert and drive defensively.

The operator of a permitted golf cart being operated on a highway or street must have in their possession the registration certificate for the golf cart issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, proof of financial responsibility for the golf cart and their driver’s license.

Please be aware that golf cart cannot be equal to "Low Speed Vehicles",They have different driving maual and different law.

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